Top 13 Wedding Photos of 2012

Since I’m trained as a photojournalist, I see each wedding as a day-long storytelling assignment, where I am invited to be a part of the bride and groom’s family and to see (and record) the most intimate, spontaneous details of the day. Unlike many photographers, I choose not to direct my subjects much throughout the day. I find joy in the real glances, smiles, frowns, dances, and quiet moments that I witness. All the moments you’ll find below are unposed and unplanned, save two.

The weddings that shot in 2012 were fantastic, lovely affairs. From Esther and Eric’s winter fairytale wedding in Chattanooga to Margaret Ann and David’s Alabama farm wedding in the fall, I was surrounded by love and excitement. To give a better idea how I shoot during weddings, I have chosen to focus on only three here. This post includes only a few days’ work, but the bright, beautiful, blissful faces herein occupy a resonating space in my photography from 2012.

1. Esther and Eric were married at the Lookout Mountain Fairyland Club in Chattanooga, TN, which looks like a castle hidden among trees on the side of a mountain. Fairyland used to be a hotel, so there are all these neat rooms upstairs that have been empty for years. We decided to utilize them for some formal portraits that day.
chattanooga wedding fairyland tennessee lookout mountain bride


2. Esther’s attitude throughout the day reflected her usual cheerful attitude. This girl laughs more than me, which is really saying something. She giggled straight through her wedding day. :)


3. The place being called Fairyland and all, I asked Eric to gaze out the window like he was waiting for his princess to arrive. It was silly, but he humored me.
chattanooga wedding fairyland groom window


4. Esther suddenly sees Eric through the window and ducks for cover!
chattanooga wedding fairyland tennessee lookout mountain bride


5. I shot Audrey and Michael’s wedding in Birmingham with Rachael Roberts. Being a second shooter allowed me to slink around the periphery of the day’s main events and capture moments like this one, Audrey’s bridesmaids looking on as Rach snapped some portraits.
brimingham alabama wedding bride


6. The flower girl being mentally prepared and having her shoes tied just before it was time to take formal group pictures. She did end up tearing that pretty crown off her head, but we got some cute pictures of that, too!
birmingham alabama wedding flower girl


7. This beautiful church in downtown Birmingham lit up so nicely in the afternoon sun.
brimingham alabama wedding church


8. A joyful kiss after their first dance as newlyweds.
brimingham alabama wedding bride groom kiss reception


9. Margaret Ann and David were married on the land that they farm in Coker, Alabama. Here’s MA putting the final touches on her hair in the cabin.
tuscaloosa wedding photography photojournalism bride farm


10. The bridal party arrived to the ceremony via hayride!
tuscaloosa wedding photography photojournalism bride farm


11. David and guests wait patiently for the bride to disembark. All the green in the background supplies Tuscaloosa with local, organic produce.
tuscaloosa wedding photography photojournalism bride farm


12. The newlyweds race from the altar to their son, Maxwell, who waits for them in the back with his aunt.
tuscaloosa wedding photography photojournalism bride groom farm


13. The cakes at this wedding were beyond cool. Both were made with ingredients off the farm. David decided to “slaughter” his chocolate and bacon pig cake. As you can see from MA’s face and the sly grin on David’s, this method of cake-slicing was a surprise. 


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  1. Bev

    Wonderfully full of sentiment. Perfectly capturing the emotions of each lovely very special day. You win.
    They do too.

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